Genonto's RapidTest10 for COVID-19


Pain Points This Test Relieves:

  • The lab crisis currently unfolding. Labs are over burdened and workforce is scarce calling for new testing methods.
  • Our point of care test mitigates current high costs of other tests.
  • Need rapid testing to flatten the bell curve.
  • Strained and limited workforce in labs available.

Current Workflow

  • Tests currently require a blood draw and the sample is sent to a lab where staff process the sample and results.

New Workflow With POC Covid-19 Test

  • Tests are conducted on the spot with a simple finger stick with results in 10 min.
  • This alleviates the lab involvement, reduces the length of time from test to diagnosis and ultimately treatment.
  • Rapid results provide rapid control of the spread.
  • Reduces the burden in the healthcare workforce.
  • Significantly reduces the costs associated with current methods.
  • Minimizes exposure for healthcare workers, to these patients.


Genonto's RadpidTest10 COVID-19 Test Kit


The Genonto RapidTest10 is an easy-to-use method that uses whole blood, serum or plasma for testing and needs just a drop of blood from a finger stick as a sample. The Genonto RapidTest10 is a  point of care (POC) cost-effective method to detect and diagnose COVID-19 disease.  

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Supporting Documents

Please find below our package insert, one page overview and slide deck regarding the RapidTest10 test kit.

Package Insert (pdf)


Slide Deck (pdf)


Overview (pdf)


Genont's RapidTest10 Tracking and Reporting

Genonto's RapidTest10 tracking and reporting system per FDA 21CFR Part 803

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